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For Pentesters of Anti-Fraud Systems

Thanks to its capabilities, this software allows for comprehensive exploration of vulnerabilities in anti-fraud systems of various complexities and orientations, including those based on intricate structures like Fraudscore, ThreatMetrix, and others.

For Social Media Marketing Professionals

Very often, working in the realm of social networks necessitates convenient access to multiple accounts with their own connections and data. Linken Sphere significantly streamlines work, enhancing both its quality and speed.

For Contextual Advertising Management

Handling large-scale contextual campaigns requires a specific approach to software selection. This product enables you to manage dozens of accounts with exceptional ease and achieve high-level results.

For Arbitrage and Bonus Hunters

Whichever direction of arbitrage and bonus hunting you may pursue, we've created all the conditions for success. Linken Sphere enables seamless registration and further management of numerous accounts from one place.

Linken Sphere Capabilities

Linken Sphere Capabilities

Working with Antidetect has never been easier

The browser is equipped with protection and substitution systems for fingerprints (GPU, Audio, Canvas, Plugins, Fonts, ClientRects, Ubercookies). No one will be able to recognize the configuration of your hardware if you're using Linken Sphere - it will shield you from any attempt of identification. The browser doesn't just prevent their capture, it provides altered information, forming a unique user profile that you can use as long as necessary.

The most precise and comprehensive configuration for professionals

The browser not only offers the possibility of quickly and qualitatively generating parameters for each new session, but also provides you with the most extensive configuration options for advanced users - you can easily set all necessary parameters: User-Agent, HTTP headers, js.navigator, Plugins, MimeTypes, WebGL, and Geoposition.

Dozens of VMs are no longer needed

Each tab provides the opportunity to utilize different configurations, namely - network connection (SSH tunnel, SOCKS, TOR, or TOR+SSH), User-Agent, fingerprints, geoposition, time, language, and cookies. Thus, each tab essentially becomes its own virtual machine with its settings and connection. You can simultaneously work with dozens of such tabs from one place.

All types of connections "out of the box"

The browser includes all the necessary set of features for working with ssh, socks, and tor - there's no need to install and configure glitchy proxy tools and VPNs. You can combine dozens of different connections and their types for maximum comfort and work results - simply install the browser on your computer or virtual machine, we've taken care of the rest!

Convenient Cookie Management

You no longer need to store cookies in separate files, spending time on their constant loading and unloading. Create multiple sessions with individual cookies and fingerprints - and no more issues with transferring them! The browser allows both exporting and importing cookies in Netscape cookies format, as well as saving complete sessions, including fingerprints and connection data.

Try the Trial Access

You can test the Linken Sphere anti-detection browser. For just $30, you will receive a 7-day license. Simply enter the promo code LS_RYG49TVM9TP8 to get a permanent 5% discount on the subscription when registering on the main website.

Available Tariffs



For a confident start

Suitable for beginners, includes essential features



  • Free User-Agents
  • Technical Support

6 Months


For advanced users

Suitable for growing teams
with increased needs



  • Free User-Agents
  • Technical Support
  • 1 month for free
  • Access to Private Config Shop



For professionals

Full access to all Linken Sphere features



  • Free User-Agents
  • Priority Technical Support
  • 3 months for free
  • Access to Private Config Shop
  • Individual Consultations
5% discount with promo code LS_RYG49TVM9TP8 5% discount with promo code LS_RYG49TVM9TP8 5% discount with promo code LS_RYG49TVM9TP8 5% discount with promo code LS_RYG49TVM9TP8 5% discount with promo code LS_RYG49TVM9TP8 5% discount with promo code LS_RYG49TVM9TP8

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Linken Sphere is suitable for any services or websites where you need to have multiple accounts.

No, in Linken Sphere there are no time limits for session storage.

Regarding the number of sessions, there are no software limitations. It all depends on the power of your PC/VPS and the speed of your internet connection.
For example, the more sessions you have, the more time will be required for synchronization. The number of simultaneously open tabs/sessions also depends on your hardware.

Linken Sphere is a browser-based antidetect tool, which means there is no functionality for installing applications/programs on emulators or virtual machines. Its working environment is limited to websites.
However, Linken Sphere offers the ability to use configurations for both PC (Windows/Mac/Linux) and mobile devices (Android/iOS) to create the personas you need for your work.

Yes, you can temporarily freeze your license by contacting technical support.
For different tariffs, different numbers of freezes are allowed during the tariff's validity:
LIGHT - 1 freeze
PRO - 2 freezes
PREMIUM - 3 freezes

The duration of the freeze is not limited.

Contact us for a free product consultation.
We'll study your task and address all your inquiries.

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